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GBTA Government Relations Committee Update

The House of Representatives passed 393 – 13, the five-year bill reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration on April 27th and now is headed to the Senate.  This bipartisan legislation, has gone through many changes over the last two years, including an introduction of 240 amendments with 116 being debated on the House floor. After two days of Floor action, we finally got a bill that does a lot! Here are just a couple of things:

  • Provides long-term planning and stability to the processes of upgrading the air traffic control system and NextGen programs
  • Prohibits voice calls during flights
  • Prevents airlines from bumping passengers who have boarded full planes

PFC REDUX: One amendment proposed to remove the cap on the amount airports can levy on air travel passengers in the form of passenger facility charges (PFC). Essentially, airports could charge whatever they wanted.  GBTA focused our arguments on the Committee and were pleased to see the arguments accepted and that the amendment was killed.

PREVIEW OF TSA ADMIN APPEARANCE? TSA released its strategic priorities for 2018-2026. GBTA welcomes TSA plans to get the most innovative vetting equipment into the field as soon as possible. TSA pledged to make faster decisions about new technology adoption and define clear pathways for partnerships and collaborations with industry, the agency said. Read the full report.

PRECHECK: Rep. John Katko (R-NY) said after a hearing with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen that he will introduce legislation that would forbid TSA from allowing anyone not enrolled in PreCheck from going through those expedited screening lanes. 

The Senate hasn’t stated when it will take up the FAA bill so I expect this to be a part of the GBTA Legislative Summit Hill message. We need you to attend and bring others to ensure Congress produces a pro-business travel bill.