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New KCI terminal will be delayed, cost more

Eventually, Kansas City will get a new airport, but the project’s scope, cost and estimated date of completion all changed Thursday during the Kansas City, Mo., City Council Business Session.

The KCI-Edgemoor team said the project will cost an additional $250 to $300 million and won’t open until October 2022 at the earliest.

Airlines cited larger planes and more projected flights in requesting 39 gatesrather than 35 in April. That request also increases the terminal’s square footage, which adds significantly to the terminal’s projected cost.

With the additional gates and increased capacity, it may push the project’s cost as high as $1.4 billion as opposed to the current projected $1.02 billion price tag.

It also pushes back the projected timeline for opening the new terminal nearly a year. It had been tentatively scheduled to open in November 2021.

Additionally, there are also details to iron out with community benefits agreement for sourcing contracts and labor on the terminal’s construction.