Bylaws updated September, 2016




Section 1

The name of this association shall be GBTA Kansas City Chapter.

Section 2

The location of the association shall be in the Kansas City metropolitan area and surrounding areas.


Section 1

The objectives of this association shall be to provide up-to-date information on travel industry trends; offering educational programs, seminars, and conferences; providing business executives, travel managers, suppliers and travel agencies a forum to exchange views and share knowledge.

Section 2

The above objectives are not intended to be all inclusive.  It shall be within the power of the Board of Directors and the members to deal with such matters as may be of benefit to the association.


Section 1

There shall be four classes of membership defined as follows:

  • DIRECT -- Direct membership shall be available to individuals employed by a corporation, association, government agency, or other business organizations, to administer the travel purchasing of that organization.  Specific job functions may include, but are not limited to, establishment or implementation of travel policy and procedures; travel itinerary planning, expense reimbursement procedures, and liaison with suppliers of travel products and services.


  •  ALLIED -- Allied membership shall be available to representatives of firms engaged in the business of supplying travel or transportation products or services.  Such firms may include, but are not limited to, airlines, hotels, motels, car rental, travel agencies, travel technology and ground transportation operators. .


  •  ACADEMIC (Student / Educator) – Student Members. Any full-time post-secondary student enrolled in a program at a college, university, or other post-secondary institution which is recognized by the Association leading to a degree in travel, transportation, or hospitality management, and any student organization which represents such students, is eligible to apply to be as a student member. Student members may not hold elective office or vote, but may serve as an observer on any Committee.


  • Educator Members.  Any full time teacher/professor from a licensed or accredited school/university engaged in teaching students in subject areas related to GBTA’s core mission of business travel.  Educator members may not hold elective office or vote, but may serve on any committee.


  • HONORARY (Covers retirees) – Any individual who has been recognized by the Board of Directors as having rendered distinguished service to the industry or the Association may be elected an honorary member of the Association by the Board of Directors. Honorary memberships are automatically accorded to individuals upon their retirement, who have served in designated positions, including original founding members of the Association; Past Presidents who served full terms; recipients of the Annual President’s Award; past Board of Director members; and past Allied Members of the Year. Honorary members do not pay annual dues, may not hold elected office or vote, but may serve on committees.


*All applicants for membership shall complete and sign the application form provided by the association  

*Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Executive Administrative Assistant of the association.

Section 2, Dues

  1.        Amounts 

The Board of Directors shall establish the amount of any initiation fees, dues or other charges required to be paid by members.

  1.        Delinquency

Members whose dues are more than thirty (30) days in arrears may be suspended, and may not vote, pending payment. Members whose dues are more than sixty (60) days in arrears may be terminated. 

Section 3--Obligations of Membership

Each member shall be required to abide by these bylaws and any other rules and regulations established by the Board of Directors, including regarding participation in statistical programs, and to pay all dues, assessments, and other financial obligations.


The officers of the association and their major responsibilities are as follows.

Section 1

  1.    President

A position voted on and elected by the membership.  Can be an allied or direct member in good standing.  Responsibilities include the following:

                     1.  Chief executive officer of the association who supervises all business of the association. 

                     2.  Preside at all meetings of the members, all meetings of the Board of Directors and be the principal spokesperson for the chapter. 

                     3.  Appoint committee chair positions as deemed essential.

                     4.  Participate in and attend quarterly GBTA CPC meetings and/or conference calls.

                     5.  This position is a voting member of the Board.

          B.        Chairman

The outgoing President shall move into the role of Chairman and serve in an advisory capacity to the President to ensure continuity to the Board.  This position is not elected and is a voting member of the Board. 

          C.        Vice-President

                     This is position is elected and voted on by the membership. Can be an allied or direct member in good standing. 

                     1. Assist the President in performing the duties of the President’s office.

                     2. In the absence of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President as defined above.

                     3. This position is a voting member of the Board.

          D.        Executive Administrative Assistant

This is an appointed and paid position and is appointed by the President.  Compensation is established by the Board of Directors. 

                     1. Maintain the association’s active membership and prospective roster.

                     2. Assure proper and accurate recording of proceedings at all meetings of the general                                      membership and the Board of Directors.

                     3. Execute all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise provided for.

                     4. Conduct general correspondence of the association.

                     5. Collect funds for membership dues, meeting fees, auction proceeds, etc.

                     6. Learn the Star Chapter website technology and use as required by GBTA.

                     7. Keep all non-financial records of the Chapter.

                     8. Prepare name badges for all meetings.

                     9. Administer new member applications.

                     10 .Process annual member renewals.

                     11. Send out renewal notices and reminders as needed.

                     12. Process member changes to roster.

                     13. Other duties as defined by the President or Board of Directors.

                     14. This position is a voting member of the Board.


  1.         Treasurer         

                     This position is elected and voted on by the membership. Can be an allied or direct member in good standing.

                     1. Collect and have custody of all funds of the association and disburse monies at the direction of the Board of Directors.

                     2. Assure that accurate financial reports are maintained and report the financial condition of the association as called upon by the President.

                     3. Responsible for filing annual tax returns.

                     4. Facilitate and oversee annual audit of financial records.

                     5. This position is a voting member of the Board.

 Section 2

Any Direct or Allied member in good standing is eligible for nomination and election or appointment to an office or committee, except that a candidate for President must have previously served on the Board of Directors of the association.

Officers shall take office at the January meeting following the annual November election and serve a term oftwo years, or until successors are duly elected.

A member may serve no more than three successive terms in the same office.

Vacancies in office shall be filled for the balance of the term by an alternate board member or appointed by the President, if required.


The governing body of the association shall be the Board of Directors which shall actively pursue the objectives of the association, control and direct its affairs, establish its operating policies and supervise the disbursement of funds.

The Board of Directors shall include the president, vice-president, past president, executive administrative assistant, treasurer, and six (6) board positions appointed from the membership.  The six appointed positions are all voting members of the Board.

Any member in good standing is eligible for an appointed position on the association’s Board of Directors.  Appointed positions take office at the January meeting following the annual November election and serve a term of two years, or until their successors are appointed.

A quorum for transaction of the association’s business by the Board of Directors shall be fifty percent (50%) of the voting members of the Board, and any business thus transacted shall be valid, providing it is affirmatively passed by a majority of those present.

The Board of Directors shall meet at least once each quarter. The Executive Administrative Assistant shall provide board members with prior notification for meeting dates, times and places.  Minutes of the previous quarterly meeting will be reviewed and accepted or revised by those in attendance. 

Vacancies among the Directors, whether caused by resignation, death, removal, or expiration of a term, will be filled and appointed by the President.

Directors shall not receive any stated salaries for their services as such, but by resolution of the Board of Directors expenses of attendance may be allowed for attendance at each regular or special meeting of the Board; however, nothing herein contained shall be construed to preclude any Director from serving the Corporation in any other capacity and receiving reasonable compensation therefore.


The following standing committees will be appointed by the President and will serve on the Board of Directors.  The duties of each committee is defined below and any additional required ad hoc committees can be requested by the President or Board of Directors and appointed as necessary.  Some examples could include Technology, Investment, Elections, Auction, Sponsorship, Public Relations, etc.   Committee members are considered voting members of the Board of Directors and may already be part of the board by virtue of previous appointment. 


  1.     Plan and coordinate new member recruitment programs to ensure the long-term viability of the           Chapter. 
  2.     Contact expired members to solicit rejoining and discuss the Association with new prospects. 
  3.     Develop new ways to bring in membership, i.e. contests, drawings, advertising, etc.
  4.     Perform other duties as prescribed by the President or Board of Directors.


 Responsible for facilitating and directing annual charity fundraisers.  Duties include:

  1.      Assist in choosing event venue.
  1. Oversee overall aspects and success of event.
  2. Work in conjunction with committee volunteers and GBTAKC Chapter Board.
  3. Secure donations with assistance of committee volunteers through donation drive.
  4. Maintain master database of donations and track receipt.
  5. Coordinate all event communication (event teaser, website info/articles, donation log.
  6. Track earnings and report to GBTAKC Chapter Board.
  7. Other duties as defined by the President.


The primary goal of this committee is to identify major topics and speakers within the evolving travel industry that will be educational and beneficial to existing members, both Direct and Allied.  Specific duties include:

  1.     Send out annual GBTAKC RFP for venue selection.
  2.     Facilitate contract with confirmed meeting locations (with board approval).  
  3.     Secure speaker and venues for each scheduled meeting.
  4.     Attend Board meetings and deliver monthly status report of programs.       
  5.     This is a voting member of the Board.


1      Responsible for completing GBTA Chapter Challenge.

2      Attend GBTA annual Legislative Summit in Washington, DC and report results to the chapter.

3      Communicate to membership all state and national legislative issues of concern or interest. 

4      Responsible for meeting political action goals set by GBTA which is due by their annual convention. 


Section 1

The annual election meeting for the association shall be inNovember or established by the Board of Directors.  Written notice of any meeting shall be mailed or faxed to each member no less than ten (10) and no more than sixty (60) days prior to the meeting date.

Bi-meetings are held the second Wednesday of the month throughout the calendar year.  January there will be a meeting of the new board members with the board from the previous year to set committees and programs.  Meeting dates can be adjusted by the Board of Directors, if necessary.

Notice of regular membership meetings will be e-mailed at least fifteen (15) days in advance.

RSVP or prepayment of the established cost must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting, may not be carried forward to the next meeting and is not refundable. A member who has paid in advance for the meeting may send a substitute. Members without an RSVP for the meeting will be assessed an additional charge at the door (space permitting).

Non-members may attend a maximum of two (2) meetings per fiscal year as a guest of a member in good standing.


a. General rule. Membership in the Chapter shall terminate upon the resignation of a member; upon termination for failure to pay dues; or upon expulsion from membership only for dishonesty, fraud, or misrepresentation in connection with the affairs of the Chapter.

b. Expulsion. No member shall be expelled, except for failure to pay dues, without due process. Expulsion shall be upon a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors present and voting at a duly constituted meeting.

c. Forfeiture. Upon termination of membership in the Chapter, any and all rights and privileges of membership, and any interest in the property or other assets of the Chapter, shall be forfeited by the member.

d. Liability for dues. Termination of any membership shall not relieve the former member from liability for any unpaid dues or other duly assessed fees. No former member having any outstanding charges for unpaid dues or fees shall be re-admitted to membership without payment of past due amounts.


Section 1

Direct and Allied members shall have one vote per member and may vote for candidates nominated for the positions of president, vice president and treasurer during the month of November.  Persons nominated will be contacted by the nominating committee appointed by the president to ensure their willingness to serve.  This will be completed by the officers before the end October.  At least ten (10) and not more than sixty (60) days before the scheduledNovember meeting a ballot will be delivered to each member via Star Chapter to vote for officers.  These ballots shall be returned electronically through Star Chapter to the Executive Administrative Assistant of the association on or before the November meeting.  No ballots will be taken after the November meeting.  This is to insure every member in good standing has a vote. 


Section 1

These bylaws may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at any bi-monthly general membership meeting of the association or by voting on Star Chapter.  Amendments may be proposed by the Board of Directors on its own initiative, or upon petition of forty (40%) of the members in good standing, addressed to the Board of Directors.


Section 1

The Board of Directors shall have and approve an annual budget.  One officer of the board shall review all travel expenses presented to the board before payment.  All travel expenses/bills to be paid must have receipts.

The following expenses shall be paid for the President of the GBTA Kansas City Chapter and GBTA Committee members:

            1.  Global Business Travel Association Membership (Rate is at Direct member price for all Chapter Presidents)

            2.  For Chapter Presidents Council Meetings and the GBTA Annual Meeting and Convention--the following expenses will be reimbursed upon submission of an expense report/receipts;

                        Air Travel

                        Hotel Accommodations

                        Transportation to/from business related events

                        Mileage to/from airport at current IRS rate

                        Meals up to $30/day

                        Miscellaneous expenses


Any present or former Director, officer, employee, or agent of the Corporation, or other such persons so designated in the discretion of the Board of Directors, or the legal representative of such person, shall be indemnified (including advances against expenses) by the Corporation against all judgments, fines, settlements, and other reasonable costs, expenses, and counsel fees paid or incurred in connection with any action, suit, or proceeding to which any such person or his legal representative may be made a party by reason of his being or having been such a Director, officer, employee, or agent, to the extent authorized by the Board of Directors.  No indemnification or advance against expenses shall be approved by the Board or paid by the Corporation until after receipt from legal counsel of an opinion concerning the legality of the proposed indemnification or advance.